Sunday, September 2, 2012

If you only knew ...

Every morning I wake up, I think about this capricorn. Every night before I go to sleep, I think about this capricorn. I think about his smile, and one dimple. I think about his eyes and how they actually do glem ( I didn't even know eyes could do that for real.) I think about his voice, and the weird "calming" effect it has on the inner core of me. I think about his lips, no words to describe them (I've been sitting here for 15 min trying) When he kisses me its almost unreal. It feels like magic or maybe chemistry?

Every imperfection is perfection. I believe in his vision and dreams. In his goals and asperations. If he asked me to swim across the widest sea and climb the tallest mountian, I might ask why, but in my mind I'm already prepared for the journey. Ready to make him smile. Impatient as I am, but for you its different. Almost like I have no choice. Something stronger than  free will. What is it tho. Love? No, not love. Lust? maybe? Chemistry.. could be. Karma? Yep. I just want the chance to help you become great. To be apart of something and someone special. The chance to adore and support you. To make you laugh and share your pain.

 I just want to offer you the very best of me.

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