Wednesday, January 28, 2009

To whom this may concern

To whom this may concern, this letter is addressed to you. Understand that America is not perfect because its citizens are not perfect. Understand that ignorance in any form can be conquered through knowledge. Understand that too much of any good thing can be harmful, including money, power and fame. Understand that in order to receive one must give, and in order to give one must offer. Understand that generations are born and generations will die, therefore we must handle our future generations with great care. Understand that two wrongs do not make a right and there must be a consistent demonstration of what is right to counter out all that is wrong. Understand that America is only as good as its promise and consequently its promises are only as good as its people. Understand there is power in numbers therefore unity must be the rule and not the exception. Understand that you must be your biggest cheerleader, no one else will push you like you must push yourself, motivate you like you must motivate yourself or encourage you like you must encourage yourself. Understand that contrary to popular believe, America is still the best country to reside. Understand that without sacrifice the American Dream will remain a dream deferred. Understand that books will always guide you but your heart will define you and understand that in order to receive an answer, one must ask a question.
I ask of you to understand because that is half the battle. If you clearly understand stand, that means you have thought about it, processed it, and you are ready to respond with critical thinking and purposeful action. You are ready to tell your story and listen to others in order to truly find a solution to our county and community problems. If you understand you have taken the first. You have become apart of the solution and are no longer apart of the problem. You are they and you are the change so disparately needed.

Getting Serious about White Deviance

Getting Serious about White Deviance by Tim Wise is an article of facts, truths, and racial injustice allowed to spread rapidly through out the United States. The article simply points out statistics (although not commonly known statistics) related to the Caucasian race and their inability to be honest with America about the faults and negative attributes its culture so plainly demonstrates. Since there are fewer than many who are willing to speak up and voice their opinions about this injustice, journalist Tim Wise addressed the socially sensitive subject from a semi-comical point of view. In my paper, Injustice or In-denial, I discuss rather America is in-denial about the unfair treatment of minorities, or if it’s just plane and simple injustice.
The Caucasian race has not been a race known for its “moral ethics”, often linked to the injustice of other race and cultures; Native Americans, Africans, and African Americans just to name a few, some Caucasians tend to find themselves critiquing other races rather then self observing their own. In my opinion, there’s a percentage of Caucasian Americans whom are in denial about racial injustice stemming from white America. This percentage does not view the statistics of 74 percent whites being more likely to binge drink regularly or whites between the ages of 12-17 being 34 percent more likely to have sold drugs as a defect in the Caucasian race’s wholesome image. Others seem to not care that bias opinions about minorities rather verbally spoken, aired through the media, or written in newspapers, drastically affect the way society views minorities. “Out of site, out of mind, some might say.” This statement is especially true when asked the question, “Why aren’t Caucasians and their negative actions discussed more amongst the media and society?”
Although many minorities are intensely tired of consistently trying to relate the same message Mr. Wise manage to convey, the truth is that facts are facts. And anyone willing to do the appropriate research will see that no race or culture is perfect. Faults are expected. However, it would be greatly appreciated by ALL minorities if every race was treated equally and with respect regarding their image. America, in my opinion may be a little guilty of both. Being in-denial and being an accomplice to unfair treatment of minorities. In order to ratify this issue, America as a whole must part take in some critical thinking and also not believe everything reported in the media.

Game Works without a Ref

What is the primary function of the government? Simply put, the job of the government is to manage the day to day operations of the country and resolve any national problems that might arise. So how is it possible that now in America the problems exceed the amount of help received from the government? In my essay No Game Works without a Ref, I will discuss how the American Government has stepped outside its job description and into the new adapted concept “Every man for himself.”
As many of you may know, the government is actively working on a “Bailout Plan” in which seven hundred billion dollars of tax payers money will be used to rescue what some may consider vital businesses residing on Wall Street. The unanswered question is why does the government “drag their feet” when it comes to helping the average American, and then respond with such urgency when million dollar businesses or top executives need help. Everyday there are innocent victims like Deamonte Driver who die or become homeless or poor because the government’s priorities are in disarray. At some point America and its leaders will have to step up to the plate and help 100% of the American people and not just the ponderous top 10.
Through observing our neighbors abroad, the American citizens are not ignorant to the fact that a government can be over thrown and although the government seems to be oblivious to the certainty that this could be an explored option, most Americans would rather work issues out peacefully and systematically while hoping for fair and just treatment. However, the truth is that no game works without a referee and if a whistle isn’t blown the American people will do it for the government in ways that might cause them to show a side that no one has ever seen before in the history of our county.

As A Man Thinketh

As a Man Thinketh is a timeless classic by James Allen that goes in depth about how thoughts become reality and how negative thoughts impact not only your actions but the law of attraction which are the people, places and things we as humans attract into out life. As a Man Thinketh is broken down into seven chapters. Each chapter offering valuable advice that any human regardless of race, color or creed can attest to. For example in chapter two it states “ Thought and character are one, and as character can only manifest and discover itself through environment and circumstances, the outer conditions of a person’s life will always be found to be harmoniously related to his inner state.”
Rather you are from Atlanta, Florida, California, New York, or any other place in America this quote can be applied to you. Anyone whose thoughts are positive and driven (regardless of the above) is unlikely to view life as pointless and stagnate. On the other hand, someone who is negative, depressed, and seemingly descending through life, would have less positive, motivating thoughts resulting in less productive days and less constructive thinking. As a Man Thinketh also helps individuals understand how your thoughts affect your body and its health. It starts by quoting “The body is the servant of the mind.” It obeys the operations of the mind, whether they be deliberately chosen or automatically expressed.
Depression is a sickness of the mind and thoughts; however the body has physical elements that are affected in a negative way because the mind isn’t working correctly which means it’s sending out negative emotions and feelings which are associated with the body. As a Man Thinketh simply tries to express that sicknesses like depression are real and if you’re thoughts aren’t positive, and nurturing to yourself, it can lead to larger issues which can not be solved easily.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A letter to my future husband

Of all the things, places and people I've ever prayed for, you are by far my best blessing. As your wife I will love and cherish all of you including your faults. I will always do my best to ensure you're happy and to keep you that way. My goal is to be your best friend, wife and an excellent mother to your beautiful children. I will nuture them with all the love inside me and with your help raise them to become well rounded, respectful, intellegent, happy adults. I need you to know my trust in you exceeds the farest mountains and the widest seas. You'll have no reason to ever question my love or my trust. I will remain as beautiful (inside and out) as I am today, lasting tomorrow and continuing forever. I will strive to be all you'll ever need in a women. From bedroom role playing to PTA meetings, I'll strive to do it all. I'll cook, clean, work, educate, inspire, encourage, and consoul. You may call me your superwoman. However, like any human, I have my faults. But what I can promise you is that my faults, pride and ego will never cloud my vision of what's most important...US. I will stand beside you when you need me, behind you to always watch your back, and in front of you to light the way. Together we'll face the world head on and make it a better place. And when it's all said and done at the end of each day, I'll thank GOD for allowing me to experince what most never will... pure, honest, blissful LOVE