Monday, August 25, 2008


Pants sagging, hat turned back, white tee on sit tin in the trap. All I ever wanted was a descent pair of shoes, so how did it come to this, 2:00 on a Thursday all week haven't been to school. Never been a fool, I can read and write, in fact, that 1200 on the SAT says all that need to be said about me, Yet smart ain't cool and it don't get you respect, at least not where I go to school, because the teachers don't care as long as your quite or not even there. And somehow I fell in with the wrong crowd. I know it, you know it, but being excepted by someone allows my pride pride not to show it. This disease makes me follow not lead, creating another one of what people call a BAD SEED. And she was so pretty growing up. Head cheerleader, popularity, everything a girl could every want. Then her hips start to spread and her breasts get fat, and a little voice whispers "let me show you what to do with that." Away they go to a whole nother world, where men, drugs, and polls replace pompoms and spirit sticks, and in the middle of a different dance a tear falls and she whispers " how did it come to this?" If I had a dime for every time we all have asked our selfs that same question, How did it come to this? I would be rich, rich enough to share my wealth with anyone who needs a helping hand . In fact I could change the world for people who are simply MISUNDERSTOOD or who just don't understand.

Gonna Make It

Lost among billions of faces, unable to establish my own identity, struggling day by day to alien myself with billions of social security numbers also known as society. I find comfort in writing a way to escape my fears, protect my innocence, or should I say whats left of it. As I gaze among pretty faces in magazines and on TV. Oh how I would love the diamonds and limousines, but not enough to be demeaned. My morals are all that I have left in what we call this 21st century, abusing our beautiful black men in every way, destroying their hopes and dreams. One by one, but not the man that I love. If it takes every breath in my body, every tear in my eyes I will remind him that he is a king, and the GOD that created him does not lie. He does not create false images of himself, your strength comes from someone much higher and can not be determined by petty cents or this thing labeled the government. And to my beautiful black women I feel your pain. "Am I too big? Am I too small? Am I too short? Am I too tall?" Forget all of that for a moment and listen to me, you are the single most beautiful image green, blue, or brown eyes will ever see. Take a second and think with me. From the implants to the surgery and not to mention the tanning, there's not a women on this earth who doesn't want to look like you or me. So sway those hips and show those thighs. Add a touch of class and watch the envy as you pass, I know that deep down within black women and black men are all going to MAKE IT.

Courage to face the unknown

If happiness is my journey,what is my destination. One peek into the future is all id like to take just to give peace of mind to others who wake up everyday repeat the same day as if it were yesterday rewind and then played.Just to be able to to say " you're going to make it. All that huslin is going to pay off." "Or single mother keep your head up, your children will grow up to be doctors that cure cancer in children or lawyers who save innocent people from prison or jail. Everyday a human is born and everyday one dies. Life isn't challenging enough so it added a little game of cat and mouse, live life not knowing when we shall have to face death. Me, I'm going to chase my passion, then turn it into a career that can assist and help others. I'm going to be happy when I leave this never ending ball of time. I won't become lifes slave, work for it my whole life while it keeps delivering false promises of happiness. I will walk through life with a blind fold on seeing nothing that can stand in the way of my dreams. I suggest others do the same or that thing many have named a rat race will be running a marathon in your life telling you when to stop and go. Who cares what others think or say DO YOU, BREAK RULES, CREATE CHANGE, or someone else will.

The letter written to self

Dear self, I thought I had everything planned out. I knew there would be slight changes here and there but for the most part I thought I had everything figured out. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life. Now I feel as though I've lost control. I hate to word it that way, but in a sum that's how I feel. I have no money, no job, and debt that's growing by the day. My dreams, hopes and aspirations seem to be fading by the day, and settling for an average job with an average life is starting to occupy a larger space in my head. A wise man once said "to whom much is giving much is expected." Only one part of me wants to fight and the other part of me wants to give up. I guess I'm trying to figure out what my problems really are. Why is my potential endless but not being put to use? I do know that i do a lot of taking, planning, and writing, however I always fall short on the action. I think it's because I don't know exactly what to do when it's time to react. It's like the director of my life goes LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION, and I freeze up. Then I question if I even believe in what I want to do. I pray so much for direction, it seems as though I'm even more lost after I get finished praying. Mom said that life was hard.What she should have said is life is d%^% near impossible. I wonder if time didn't go by itself, how many of us would still be on the same revolving day, trying to get it right. How do I fix this? How do I re-gain control. How does GOD hear every single prayer and decide who to bless and who has to wait? And Does one really have to lie cheat and steal to get ahead? Well self until next time.....

What's right from wrong?

WHATS RIGHT FROM WRONG A famous poet once said, "think as if your every thought were to be etched in fire upon the sky for all and everything to see." for so in truth it is. Your actions reveal to the world who you truly are. That is why artist prefer to paint and musicians prefer to sing. In a world full of do's and don'ts, what is it exactly that we CAN do. Rules and laws restrict us, society judges and those who once wanted to help have given up hope. Dead presidents now have the last say, not their written words but the currency which bares their face. Let's take a vote and all that say "I" agree that everything in the world is possibly a lie. From the government to the banks right down to some Church's, It's steal or be stole from, lie or be lied to, cheat or be cheated, make a choice and do it quick. How is it that we as people cry out for help but can not receive it because of the color of our skin or the content which makes up our character? A life i hidden slavery. Only this time it's of the mind and it's open to it's victims. Black, white, Latino, or Asian, this time it doesn't matter. The one who knows the most finishes first. Success is to be powerful, famous, or simply fulfilled and the pursuit of happiness is open to everyone, only which one? Which one of the billions of people who walk this earth will actually see true success in their life. This is a question that 95% of the world would like to know. Why only 95%? Because the other 5% rule it.

What's Happening To Our Country

On July 31, 2008 at 8:12 PM I (a female citizen of the USA) turned to Fox News and was disappointed from the depths of my soul about the level of disrespect this country has for it's country men. News reporter Bill O'Riley covered a segment on a campaign song that focused on lyrics written by Ludachris. In his coverage (which I remind you is not only NATIONAL but WORLD WIDE) he referred to the artist as " A Fool", " A Hater", "Someone with little or No intelligence", and added "If he lived in another country he would be executed". True indeed some of the lyrics chosen for the song were not only inappropriate but hurtful to those mentioned, however remember a law that Americas founding fathers set in place gives him the right to freedom of speech which allows him to voice his opinion in whatever way he chooses to verbally voice his opinion. (Once again I repeat his opinion) Not the opinions of Barack Obama or the African American community. Like other media " Actors" including Don Imus, Jessie Jackson and anyone who chooses to make obscence disrespectful remarks about any other human being, the media, it's founders, lobbyist, sponcers, writers and supporters of FOX news or any other media outlet who delivers "information" to MILLIONS of people watching are forgetting one thing...We are ALL human beings and are entitled to respect even when respect is not given in return. And if the United States continues on this downward spiral of deframing its country men on National and Worldwide television for the world to see all for ratings, money, and the right to say " I have a point" we will become a country of citizens with no soul, moral ethics, or self respect. TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT! In the famous words of Bobby Kennedy "Violence breads violence and Reression breads retaliation". This country and the people in it including CEO's, politicians, news reporters, writers, producers, actors, athletes, lawyers, teachers and any other human being who has daily contact with another human being should ask themselves this ONE question...Is this the kind of country I want my children, grand children, and great grand children to reside in? And if that answer is NO, what characteristics within myself must I change to make this country a better place?

In a common effort to STOP THE MADNESS please pass this article along or verbally share this with blog or article with anyone who will listen. No matter what age, race, creed or religion.

Friday, August 22, 2008

To Live or NOT to live (that is the question)

Recently, I had the pleasure of reading a book entitled The Last Lecture by Randy Pauch. Like Many books whose authors attempt to relay positive, motivating advice, The Last Lecture was written by a gentleman who unfortunately had 3-6 months to live after discovering his cancer had resurfaced. Mr. Pauch’s last lecture was a very interesting and inspiring story. I would encourage anyone to read this book and also to envision a lecture of their own. Take time to asses what you would like your legacy to reflect. Often times in life the human race (or at least those who reside within the United States) loose sight of what’s really important and become consumed with bills, problems, and stress. Often times humans fall victim to letting challenges in life (rather successful or unsuccessful) define who they are as an individual. This is done unconsciously and most times without purpose or attempt. A wise woman once told me, “Life is not truly valued until its possession is threatened.” Why is that? Why does it take a loved one dying, becoming ill or getting hurt before family members will truly come together and value each other? Or experiencing an abundance of multi-injustice before human beings will come together as ONE for a common cause. Why do so many people feel lonely in a country of over 1 billion and in a world of over 5 billion? Take the time to be happy and start evaluating your own life and the relationships within it. Develop a “What’s the worse that can happen plan” and attempt all your dreams and goals from that point on. Also find peace in knowing mistakes ARE going to happen. It’s inevitable. However choose to look at life as an on going project in which results will vary. If the result is bad, CHANGE IT, or continue the process until you receive a different result. Always remember persistence until success equals a blessing and luck happens when preparation meets opportunity. Humans never fail, we just produce results. It’s up to the individual to decide what that result will be. Do NOT wait for circumstances or things to make you happy. Happiness is a choice not a destination. Decide to be happy, healthy and prosperous starting today, continuing tomorrow and lasting forever.