Monday, December 15, 2008

Creativity Bursting Out

So much inside I can’t decide,
What to do with my talent and drive
So many ideas I can’t explain
Can not contain, my creative brain

Songs, Poems, and Books,
Myspace, Face book, and Blogs
Me, My clothes, my style
My look, my goals my smile

I am a brand within myself,
No reason to copy Celebes
No need to jack their swag
Humility and Confidence I already have

A vision of my own, an empire to build
A generation to direct, a legacy to live
A journey to embark, a story to leave
History to make, by the power invested in me.

As I bow my head with prayers to pray,
Keep me focused and prepared for what comes my way
Keep my feet moving like an offence play,
My mind in motion like players of the NBA

And through out my mistakes, I will learn along the way
What it takes to be a leader, and what it takes to pave the way
For generations to begin, become and believe
For generations to be creative and driven like me.

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