Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A letter to my future husband

Of all the things, places and people I've ever prayed for, you are by far my best blessing. As your wife I will love and cherish all of you including your faults. I will always do my best to ensure you're happy and to keep you that way. My goal is to be your best friend, wife and an excellent mother to your beautiful children. I will nuture them with all the love inside me and with your help raise them to become well rounded, respectful, intellegent, happy adults. I need you to know my trust in you exceeds the farest mountains and the widest seas. You'll have no reason to ever question my love or my trust. I will remain as beautiful (inside and out) as I am today, lasting tomorrow and continuing forever. I will strive to be all you'll ever need in a women. From bedroom role playing to PTA meetings, I'll strive to do it all. I'll cook, clean, work, educate, inspire, encourage, and consoul. You may call me your superwoman. However, like any human, I have my faults. But what I can promise you is that my faults, pride and ego will never cloud my vision of what's most important...US. I will stand beside you when you need me, behind you to always watch your back, and in front of you to light the way. Together we'll face the world head on and make it a better place. And when it's all said and done at the end of each day, I'll thank GOD for allowing me to experince what most never will... pure, honest, blissful LOVE

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