Wednesday, January 28, 2009

To whom this may concern

To whom this may concern, this letter is addressed to you. Understand that America is not perfect because its citizens are not perfect. Understand that ignorance in any form can be conquered through knowledge. Understand that too much of any good thing can be harmful, including money, power and fame. Understand that in order to receive one must give, and in order to give one must offer. Understand that generations are born and generations will die, therefore we must handle our future generations with great care. Understand that two wrongs do not make a right and there must be a consistent demonstration of what is right to counter out all that is wrong. Understand that America is only as good as its promise and consequently its promises are only as good as its people. Understand there is power in numbers therefore unity must be the rule and not the exception. Understand that you must be your biggest cheerleader, no one else will push you like you must push yourself, motivate you like you must motivate yourself or encourage you like you must encourage yourself. Understand that contrary to popular believe, America is still the best country to reside. Understand that without sacrifice the American Dream will remain a dream deferred. Understand that books will always guide you but your heart will define you and understand that in order to receive an answer, one must ask a question.
I ask of you to understand because that is half the battle. If you clearly understand stand, that means you have thought about it, processed it, and you are ready to respond with critical thinking and purposeful action. You are ready to tell your story and listen to others in order to truly find a solution to our county and community problems. If you understand you have taken the first. You have become apart of the solution and are no longer apart of the problem. You are they and you are the change so disparately needed.

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