Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Getting Serious about White Deviance

Getting Serious about White Deviance by Tim Wise is an article of facts, truths, and racial injustice allowed to spread rapidly through out the United States. The article simply points out statistics (although not commonly known statistics) related to the Caucasian race and their inability to be honest with America about the faults and negative attributes its culture so plainly demonstrates. Since there are fewer than many who are willing to speak up and voice their opinions about this injustice, journalist Tim Wise addressed the socially sensitive subject from a semi-comical point of view. In my paper, Injustice or In-denial, I discuss rather America is in-denial about the unfair treatment of minorities, or if it’s just plane and simple injustice.
The Caucasian race has not been a race known for its “moral ethics”, often linked to the injustice of other race and cultures; Native Americans, Africans, and African Americans just to name a few, some Caucasians tend to find themselves critiquing other races rather then self observing their own. In my opinion, there’s a percentage of Caucasian Americans whom are in denial about racial injustice stemming from white America. This percentage does not view the statistics of 74 percent whites being more likely to binge drink regularly or whites between the ages of 12-17 being 34 percent more likely to have sold drugs as a defect in the Caucasian race’s wholesome image. Others seem to not care that bias opinions about minorities rather verbally spoken, aired through the media, or written in newspapers, drastically affect the way society views minorities. “Out of site, out of mind, some might say.” This statement is especially true when asked the question, “Why aren’t Caucasians and their negative actions discussed more amongst the media and society?”
Although many minorities are intensely tired of consistently trying to relate the same message Mr. Wise manage to convey, the truth is that facts are facts. And anyone willing to do the appropriate research will see that no race or culture is perfect. Faults are expected. However, it would be greatly appreciated by ALL minorities if every race was treated equally and with respect regarding their image. America, in my opinion may be a little guilty of both. Being in-denial and being an accomplice to unfair treatment of minorities. In order to ratify this issue, America as a whole must part take in some critical thinking and also not believe everything reported in the media.

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