Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Game Works without a Ref

What is the primary function of the government? Simply put, the job of the government is to manage the day to day operations of the country and resolve any national problems that might arise. So how is it possible that now in America the problems exceed the amount of help received from the government? In my essay No Game Works without a Ref, I will discuss how the American Government has stepped outside its job description and into the new adapted concept “Every man for himself.”
As many of you may know, the government is actively working on a “Bailout Plan” in which seven hundred billion dollars of tax payers money will be used to rescue what some may consider vital businesses residing on Wall Street. The unanswered question is why does the government “drag their feet” when it comes to helping the average American, and then respond with such urgency when million dollar businesses or top executives need help. Everyday there are innocent victims like Deamonte Driver who die or become homeless or poor because the government’s priorities are in disarray. At some point America and its leaders will have to step up to the plate and help 100% of the American people and not just the ponderous top 10.
Through observing our neighbors abroad, the American citizens are not ignorant to the fact that a government can be over thrown and although the government seems to be oblivious to the certainty that this could be an explored option, most Americans would rather work issues out peacefully and systematically while hoping for fair and just treatment. However, the truth is that no game works without a referee and if a whistle isn’t blown the American people will do it for the government in ways that might cause them to show a side that no one has ever seen before in the history of our county.

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