Monday, August 25, 2008

Gonna Make It

Lost among billions of faces, unable to establish my own identity, struggling day by day to alien myself with billions of social security numbers also known as society. I find comfort in writing a way to escape my fears, protect my innocence, or should I say whats left of it. As I gaze among pretty faces in magazines and on TV. Oh how I would love the diamonds and limousines, but not enough to be demeaned. My morals are all that I have left in what we call this 21st century, abusing our beautiful black men in every way, destroying their hopes and dreams. One by one, but not the man that I love. If it takes every breath in my body, every tear in my eyes I will remind him that he is a king, and the GOD that created him does not lie. He does not create false images of himself, your strength comes from someone much higher and can not be determined by petty cents or this thing labeled the government. And to my beautiful black women I feel your pain. "Am I too big? Am I too small? Am I too short? Am I too tall?" Forget all of that for a moment and listen to me, you are the single most beautiful image green, blue, or brown eyes will ever see. Take a second and think with me. From the implants to the surgery and not to mention the tanning, there's not a women on this earth who doesn't want to look like you or me. So sway those hips and show those thighs. Add a touch of class and watch the envy as you pass, I know that deep down within black women and black men are all going to MAKE IT.

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