Monday, August 25, 2008


Pants sagging, hat turned back, white tee on sit tin in the trap. All I ever wanted was a descent pair of shoes, so how did it come to this, 2:00 on a Thursday all week haven't been to school. Never been a fool, I can read and write, in fact, that 1200 on the SAT says all that need to be said about me, Yet smart ain't cool and it don't get you respect, at least not where I go to school, because the teachers don't care as long as your quite or not even there. And somehow I fell in with the wrong crowd. I know it, you know it, but being excepted by someone allows my pride pride not to show it. This disease makes me follow not lead, creating another one of what people call a BAD SEED. And she was so pretty growing up. Head cheerleader, popularity, everything a girl could every want. Then her hips start to spread and her breasts get fat, and a little voice whispers "let me show you what to do with that." Away they go to a whole nother world, where men, drugs, and polls replace pompoms and spirit sticks, and in the middle of a different dance a tear falls and she whispers " how did it come to this?" If I had a dime for every time we all have asked our selfs that same question, How did it come to this? I would be rich, rich enough to share my wealth with anyone who needs a helping hand . In fact I could change the world for people who are simply MISUNDERSTOOD or who just don't understand.

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Don said...


This was a pretty good read. The entire time I felt like I was caught up in a movie or something - your key points were absolutely undertstood.

It doesn't take much for the ball to start rolling in the wrong direction.