Monday, August 25, 2008

Courage to face the unknown

If happiness is my journey,what is my destination. One peek into the future is all id like to take just to give peace of mind to others who wake up everyday repeat the same day as if it were yesterday rewind and then played.Just to be able to to say " you're going to make it. All that huslin is going to pay off." "Or single mother keep your head up, your children will grow up to be doctors that cure cancer in children or lawyers who save innocent people from prison or jail. Everyday a human is born and everyday one dies. Life isn't challenging enough so it added a little game of cat and mouse, live life not knowing when we shall have to face death. Me, I'm going to chase my passion, then turn it into a career that can assist and help others. I'm going to be happy when I leave this never ending ball of time. I won't become lifes slave, work for it my whole life while it keeps delivering false promises of happiness. I will walk through life with a blind fold on seeing nothing that can stand in the way of my dreams. I suggest others do the same or that thing many have named a rat race will be running a marathon in your life telling you when to stop and go. Who cares what others think or say DO YOU, BREAK RULES, CREATE CHANGE, or someone else will.

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