Monday, August 25, 2008

What's Happening To Our Country

On July 31, 2008 at 8:12 PM I (a female citizen of the USA) turned to Fox News and was disappointed from the depths of my soul about the level of disrespect this country has for it's country men. News reporter Bill O'Riley covered a segment on a campaign song that focused on lyrics written by Ludachris. In his coverage (which I remind you is not only NATIONAL but WORLD WIDE) he referred to the artist as " A Fool", " A Hater", "Someone with little or No intelligence", and added "If he lived in another country he would be executed". True indeed some of the lyrics chosen for the song were not only inappropriate but hurtful to those mentioned, however remember a law that Americas founding fathers set in place gives him the right to freedom of speech which allows him to voice his opinion in whatever way he chooses to verbally voice his opinion. (Once again I repeat his opinion) Not the opinions of Barack Obama or the African American community. Like other media " Actors" including Don Imus, Jessie Jackson and anyone who chooses to make obscence disrespectful remarks about any other human being, the media, it's founders, lobbyist, sponcers, writers and supporters of FOX news or any other media outlet who delivers "information" to MILLIONS of people watching are forgetting one thing...We are ALL human beings and are entitled to respect even when respect is not given in return. And if the United States continues on this downward spiral of deframing its country men on National and Worldwide television for the world to see all for ratings, money, and the right to say " I have a point" we will become a country of citizens with no soul, moral ethics, or self respect. TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT! In the famous words of Bobby Kennedy "Violence breads violence and Reression breads retaliation". This country and the people in it including CEO's, politicians, news reporters, writers, producers, actors, athletes, lawyers, teachers and any other human being who has daily contact with another human being should ask themselves this ONE question...Is this the kind of country I want my children, grand children, and great grand children to reside in? And if that answer is NO, what characteristics within myself must I change to make this country a better place?

In a common effort to STOP THE MADNESS please pass this article along or verbally share this with blog or article with anyone who will listen. No matter what age, race, creed or religion.

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