Monday, August 25, 2008

What's right from wrong?

WHATS RIGHT FROM WRONG A famous poet once said, "think as if your every thought were to be etched in fire upon the sky for all and everything to see." for so in truth it is. Your actions reveal to the world who you truly are. That is why artist prefer to paint and musicians prefer to sing. In a world full of do's and don'ts, what is it exactly that we CAN do. Rules and laws restrict us, society judges and those who once wanted to help have given up hope. Dead presidents now have the last say, not their written words but the currency which bares their face. Let's take a vote and all that say "I" agree that everything in the world is possibly a lie. From the government to the banks right down to some Church's, It's steal or be stole from, lie or be lied to, cheat or be cheated, make a choice and do it quick. How is it that we as people cry out for help but can not receive it because of the color of our skin or the content which makes up our character? A life i hidden slavery. Only this time it's of the mind and it's open to it's victims. Black, white, Latino, or Asian, this time it doesn't matter. The one who knows the most finishes first. Success is to be powerful, famous, or simply fulfilled and the pursuit of happiness is open to everyone, only which one? Which one of the billions of people who walk this earth will actually see true success in their life. This is a question that 95% of the world would like to know. Why only 95%? Because the other 5% rule it.

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